Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Its been far to long

Where does time go?

How can it be April nearly?

The garden is springing into life, the day are getting wormer.  Does anyone elses mood improve with the weather?

Beautiful views, this is the view from my bedroom. I often sit for hours doing crochet and looking at the view.  Its good for the soul and so restful, taking time to just chill and take everythng in.  I dont do thisnas much as I should. Taking stock and being thankful has become part of my life the past few months.  The past 2 years have been horrible, so its important to take time and be thankful for what I have.

Stunning sunrises, I love the warm pink glow of the sun waking up coming through the clouds.

This is my go to place to chill and crochet. The light, the warmth all again good for the soul.

Working on a granny square blanket at the moment. Ive got 17 balls of wool, planning on doing a ball a week. Thats 12 squares a week.

The pile is growning :)

Im so enjoying the lovely smell and sunshine these fellows bring to the house. Ive had a bunch the past few weeks. 

Im planning on keeping up to date with my blog.  Using it as a kind of theropy.  Life is not easy at the moment and my blog is going to help me focus on the good things

Chat soon xx