Thursday, 1 January 2015

The kindness of strangers...A swap from America

A couple of months ago i asked a fellow stationery addict in the USA if they would like to do a stationery swap with me.

So we set a budget and posted our parcels.

My parcel arrived from the lovely Juliet and OMG i was gobsmacked....she had been oh so very kind.

My parcel arrived while i was at the could not have arrived at a better time...i was feeling very low and it made me smile no end.

I opened the box and was greeted by all this lovely American stationery...i was quite emotional while emptying the box...i could not believe that a stranger could be so kind and send me little old me in the UK such a generous and thoughtful parcel. The parcel even included the Target dollar spot must haves!!

Juliet also included some American chocolate and husband asked if she would be able to send some after he found out we were doing a swap...he was very happy with her selection.

I thank Juliet for her kind generosity...we have agreed to become snail mail buddies and chatted about doing another swap in 6 months or so.