Sunday, 22 September 2013

Things are changing

My poor little blog has been very neglected while I've been recovering from my operation. Im slowly starting to fell more like myself. Sadly the op did nothing for my pain and I've been told there is nothing they can do. So its a cocktail of drugs just to keep the edge off my pain.

A lots happened since I last blogged. Ive learnt a few new skills.

My crochet has become much neater and I can now do quite a few things

Ive really enjoyed learning the new skills.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

How time flys when your unwell

Its been quite a few months since I posted on my poor neglected blog. 

The reason being I've not been very well. After 2 lots of surgery last year and a course of Zolodex injections, I am still in a huge amount of pain.

The pain is now so bad that I cant drive or walk very far. At my last vist to my surgeon he agreed to book me in for a full Hysterectomy.  I have very mixed emotions about this as Im only 33.  Im very luck to have 2 very happy healthy children, but a part of me is really morning for the loss of this part of me.  

Im also very worried about the recovery and not being able to help my family. I have fantastic children who will help with everything, Im very thankful for this.

Im also worried, what if the operation does not work. This will be my 3rd major operation in 10 months. Im not sure I can cope with much more.  

I received a phone call this past week and I have been booked in for surgery on Monday 18th March. I shall update you all with my progress x