Sunday, 22 September 2013

Things are changing

My poor little blog has been very neglected while I've been recovering from my operation. Im slowly starting to fell more like myself. Sadly the op did nothing for my pain and I've been told there is nothing they can do. So its a cocktail of drugs just to keep the edge off my pain.

A lots happened since I last blogged. Ive learnt a few new skills.

My crochet has become much neater and I can now do quite a few things

Ive really enjoyed learning the new skills.


  1. Well you certainly did better than me at Bicester yesterday... I came home with nothing but a full belly from lunch! That said I had a couple of things in mind which I couldn't get and I'm off to the US next month so knew that places like Ralph Lauren would be even cheaper out there!


  2. Well I am sorry to hear that the op didnt help perhaps as much as you would have wanted but cheered to see that you have used your imposed leisure time to create some really lovely things.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your operation didn't have quite the outcome you wanted, my hubby suffers from arthritis and has to manage his pain, there are some good articles out there about pain management but a lot of it is about listening to your body and accepting the changes in your life that this brings. In the early days he would fight against it and try to do too much but now he is better at accepting that some days he just has to rest ( tiredness is a big thing with pain management ) we have a young family and he is only 45 so sometimes it can be hard but it is a family adjustment and about working together. Sorry for rambling on but I think sometimes hidden conditions especially when you are younger is hard for everyone and isn't spoken about enough so hopefully knowing you aren't alone might help. If you ever fancy a good old moan then you know where I am. On a positive note your crochet looks fabulous it's lovely to see your skills improve isn't it xx have a lovely weekend xx