Monday, 28 April 2014

100 things I want to do with my life

While browsing Pinterest I came across this

So I made a cup of tea and started thinking

This is my list
  1. Learn to sew
  2. Loose weight
  3. Visit America
  4. Learn to like flying
  5. Get on top of my depression
  6. Take control back from my anxiety
  7. Take more photos
  8. Have a breast reduction
  9. Exercise more
  10. Travel the world
  11. Spend more time with hubby
  12. Swim with Dolphins
  13. Learn a language
  14. Visit new york
  15. Maintain a healthy weight
  16. Eat at the Fat Duck
  17. Ride on the London eye
  18. Watch a space shuttle take off
  19. Be a extra in a film
  20. Write my life story
  21. Brew Beer
  22. Send a message in a bottle
  23. Drive across the US in a RV
  24. Live in Nottinghill
  25. Accept me for me
  26. Visit Texas
  27. Learn more about the mecanics of cars
  28. Be greatful
  29. Live in the day
  30. Learn not to dwell
  31. Make meals healthy
  32. Own a Tiffany ring
  33. Read more books
  34. Continue to recycle
  35. See the Northen lights
  36. Throw more dinner parties
  37. Have less clutter
  38. Learn about wine
  39. Learn to swim
  40. Visit Canada
  41. Do Yoga
  42. Go skinning dipping
  43. Explore the UK
  44. Blog regualy 
  45. Start a jornal
  46. Go to Glastonbury
  47. Be positive
  48. Sponsor a child
  49. Learn to use a gun
  50. Win the lotto ( I dont play, but can dream )
  51. See a musical
  52. Geocache
  53. Write a poem
  54. Be a penpal
  55. Sleep under the stars
  56. Breal a world recold
  57. Stop eating chocolate
  58. Build a house
  59. Have a small holding
  60. Learn more about the healing power of Yoga
  61. Go to a auction and bid
  62. Do project 365
  63. Become more Flylady
  64. Stop spendng money
  65. Buy a hot tub
  66. Watch less TV
  67. Have a book published
  68. Get hubby into camping
  69. Invent something
  70. Own a tea room
  71. Become Vegan
  72. See the Pyramids
  73. Go on a cruise
  74. Learn sign language
  75. Wear make up
  76. Restore a car
  77. Go to the Indy 500
  78. Helicopter ride
  79. Have Grandchildren
  80. Own a Aston Martin
  81. Solve a Rubiks cube
  82. Stop biting my nails
  83. Proud to be a GEEK
  84. Learn more about Cambridge
  85. Forgive family
  86. Go to Vegas
  87. Be truthful, both to myself and others
  88. Visit museums
  89. Take a road trip
  90. Do the Gumball rally
  91. Sky dive
  92. Hot air ballon ride
  93. Do a handbreak turn
  94. Put together my family tree
  95. Renew my wedding vows
  96. Smile at strangers
  97. Learn to let go
  98. Write a song
  99. Read the Bible
  100. Visit the Great Wall of China
It was a good exercise as Ive just turned 35 and really finding it hard 

What would your 100 be?

Friday, 4 April 2014

Another year old

So Saturday was my birthday, does anyone else enjoy other peoples birthdays more than their own?

Saturday was a lovely day spent with my family.  A lazy start opening gift and chatting.

We decided to go out to a garden centre as the sun had decided to wish me a happy birthday too.

A good wonder, scone and chai latte.  We got lots and lots of plants to put into the garden.

Later that evening we went out for a meal, I do really love spending time as a family :)

Love that I got wished happy birthday when I opened up Google

I received lots and lots of flowers

On Sunday my daughter and I planted some of the plants we had bought the previous day.

Still lots of work to do in the garden, but very happy with the bed we planted up :)