Wednesday, 31 March 2010


As promised I am back with a post about my birthday :) Thank for all the birthday wishes.

I had a lovely day even if I did have to work!
I was given this box, which was hubbys idea of wrapping! To be fair to him he had done it to get a reaction and had wrapped everything up and put it in the box to see what I would say!

So this is what i got :) Ive wanted a Tiffin box for ages. Bring on the summer and picnics. And a my 1st ( i think of many! ) Cath Kidston mug.

A picture hubby had framed, Its up in my dining room.
Lots of little things to open and a Vivienne Westwood scarfe.
A Cath Kidston bag which I did not think I was going to get as it was out of stock everywere. We went into Cambridge and managed to get the last one from the Ark. I was in the shop doing a happy dance!

While in Cambridge we went to Jamies Italian. And got a little momento.

My Inlaws got me lots of books. I carnt wait to start the crochet one, did you spot the hock a couple of photos ago?
I had a really lovely day and was very pampered. Thank you so much to my family :)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Its my Birthday

Its my birthday today. Ive not opened any presents yet so i'll be back laters with a post all about what I got and did.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Look what postie dropped on by

I came home from working creche today, to find a parcel on my mat. My 1st thought was that it might be a birthday present ( my bday is on Monday ). Then I remembered I had taken part in the Pay it Foward with the lovley A Bun Can Dance.

I opened the brown paper.
I could smell the Lavender through the wrapping. I opened the pretty dotty paper .
Feeling so excited I unwrapped the tissue paper to find.
A pretty Lavender bag.
Photos Denise has taken. Im going to find frames and put these up.
Pretty pink Doilies, i'll be using these for my cakes :)
And I could not belive it when I opened the bunting. Its so me, it says Eat More Cake. Im going to find the perfect place for it over the weekend.

Thank you so much Denise, I feel so very lucky you have sent me these pretties. They are all so me :)

I will be doing my own Pay it Foward after Easter so watch this space!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Look what i received in the post today. Im so excited, I love this time of year planning out the allotment. I started off my leeks. We visited the allotment on Sunday and came back with Leeks, cabbages and purple kale.
This is Josh picking strawberries on the allotment last summer. I carnt wait to start spending days digging and sowing.
I Forgot to say you can get your free seeds here.

Monday, 22 March 2010


I started running training today in a bid to help the weight loss.  We did 3.5 miles. I now have blisters on blisters and my legs are all wobbly!

Fingers crossed on Wednesday at weigh in I will see results.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mothers day goodies

I had a lovely day Sunday, hope that all you Mummys had a lovely day too.

I was very spoilt and looked after all day.

I thought I would share what I was given :)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Christmas pudding truffles........3 months to late!!!

I know christmas was months ago. I made these from the Nigella Christmas book, and my camera decided to die. It was out of battery and could i find my well not until now! So ive decided to share them with you a little late :)

I was very pleased with the finish. They tasted yummy too which was a bonus!

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Ive been on a very pretty walk around Anglesey Abbey this morning to see the Snowdrops.  It was so busy, we had to use the over flow carpark which felt like it was in the next village!!

Ive taken a few photos on my phone to share with you :)