Wednesday, 31 March 2010


As promised I am back with a post about my birthday :) Thank for all the birthday wishes.

I had a lovely day even if I did have to work!
I was given this box, which was hubbys idea of wrapping! To be fair to him he had done it to get a reaction and had wrapped everything up and put it in the box to see what I would say!

So this is what i got :) Ive wanted a Tiffin box for ages. Bring on the summer and picnics. And a my 1st ( i think of many! ) Cath Kidston mug.

A picture hubby had framed, Its up in my dining room.
Lots of little things to open and a Vivienne Westwood scarfe.
A Cath Kidston bag which I did not think I was going to get as it was out of stock everywere. We went into Cambridge and managed to get the last one from the Ark. I was in the shop doing a happy dance!

While in Cambridge we went to Jamies Italian. And got a little momento.

My Inlaws got me lots of books. I carnt wait to start the crochet one, did you spot the hock a couple of photos ago?
I had a really lovely day and was very pampered. Thank you so much to my family :)


  1. Hi Sarah
    Oh what a lot of lovely gifts you had and a lovely meal at Jamie's restaurant too - sounds as though you were as pampered as every Birthday Girl ought to be :-)
    Pleased to see you have a tiffin box - you are going to use it so much! I've got a pink one which I've had a few years and use it such a lot, not just for picnics but for buffet events at home too - the individual dishes are so colourful on the table!
    Have fun playing with your gifts,
    Denise x
    Thank you for your lovely message- a notebook is a great thing to have - writing is such therapy!

  2. Thats such a good idea I would never have thought of using the Tiffin box like that. Im looking foward to spending time with the crochet book xx

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for popping over to my blog. What lovely gifts you got! I LOVE the Tiffin box. That's fab. I so want one! The CK bag is great too, I had the candy flowers one for my birthday and the blue spot was my other choice. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you create crochetwise. You'll love it! I taught myself in November and am totally hooked.
    Lynda xx