Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thank you

Thank you to the lovely Vanessa at Coco Rose Textiles for The versatile Blogger award :) I did a happy dance when i read you had award it to me.
 If you have not visited Vanessa blog pop on over and have a look. Her blog is full of colour and pretties.
The rules state that I have to link to the person who award me and state 7 interesting facts about myself. I've been thinking over the last couple of days so here goes...
1. I don't own a Microwave, Dishwasher or Tumble Dryer. I've never felt the need, although when I was looking after 8 children and feeding them all tea I nearly caved!!
 2. I love SiFi and am very into Doctor Who, but I don't just watch and enjoy. I watch over and over again pick at it and analyse the episode.
 3.  I can play the Flute, but I've not played in 15 years. I often think I should take it up again.
 4.My full name is Sarah-Jane and I'm named after Sarah-Jane Smith of Doctor who fame. I think SiFi must be in my blood!!
5. I'm a Beaver leader. Every Thursday night I help with 16 boys full of energy. I'm going to start my training soon and feeling very nervous!
6. I write down everything. I have note pads and post its everywhere. Hubby laughs at me because I can't do anything without writing it down 1st!
 7. I'm dairy intolerant and sadly soya too. Makes me very ill for days if I eat any :( I've found it very hard over the years but have found Green and Blacks do a very good Vegan chocolate :)
 Now for the hard bit. I have to pick 5 blogs to pass the award onto. The blogs Ive chosen I love to visit and read. If you have not come across them I would recommend you click and have a little look.
Chez Sophie
Hookin' with LaaLaa
Salt and Chocolate
Life on the East Coast
Thank you once again xxx


  1. Fab post! Lovely to find out more about you! Do you watch the Sarah Jane Adventures? My bears don't really watch Dr Who but they love Sarah Jane!

    A well deserved Award!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely post funks..but can you tell me something I don't know about you now please hehe :)
    I told you your blog was fantastic didn't I? So it comes as no surprise to me that you got an award.. Well deserved love xx

  3. Thanks so much Sarah! I really appreciate it. It's lovely to find out more about you. Lynda xx

  4. Well Hi!! and thanks for stopping by! Fancy - we were in the same place at the same time - I wonder if you are on any of my photos!! Just off to have a good read of your blog. xxxx

  5. I too don`t have a microwave even when we were offered two in the past! Hubby just isn`t keen on them!
    We also don`t have a toaster or kettle!Lol


  6. Thanks Sweetie!!!

    Well the dishwasher AND the dryer are broken here...but I couldn't do without the microwave...popcorn? ha ha. xxx

  7. Thank you so much, Sarah! I am truly flattered. I too love to write things down and often have several journals and notebooks going.