Sunday, 13 February 2011

This weekend

I have been decorating a little gift for the children. Would you like to see?

 Living room
2nd bedroom
Main bedroom

Yes we have given the children a flat! Not any flat, its in the same block that my husband and I first lived in. It feels like going home and I would really like to move back in! Its in the centre of Cambridge. The plan is we will rent the flat out until our eldest ( nearly 13) wants to move it. She then has 5 years to sort hereself out before our son (now 8) might want to move in! although he says he wants to live with us forever hehe

Hope you all had a good weekend xx


  1. I cant see my boy ever wanting to leave either! Great place. x

  2. Blimey, they are lucky kids!! Most of the people I know have sons in their 30s still living with them as it's so difficult to get on the property ladder and why would they when they get their meals cooked and washing done.

  3. Wow that is a fab idea! I would love to buy our first home again, there is something special about it isn't there.

  4. Looks lovely funks :) something to be proud of x

  5. What wonderful parents you are!!!

    Victoria xxx

  6. Hi
    I couldn't find your email address so i will post a thankyou here for the stencils you sent in the birthday swap- they will be lovely to use for my card making
    wendy x