Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club

I was luck to be part of the 1st Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club meeting. I was really nervous as i'd been speaking to a couple of the people attending via Twitter for a while. Now i was going to meet them in the flesh! I need not have been worried they were lovely :)

8 attended with 6 cakes. I did not have breakfast, as I knew I would be eating cake! We chatted and drank tea.
I made a Chocolate - Orange and chilli cake
At the end when we had all been caked out! we shared the remaning cake.

I had a fantastic morning taking about and eating cake. Can not wait for the next one :)


  1. I would have been in heaven!

    Lou xxx

  2. Lots of lovelies.. I especially like the look of the chocolate one on the blue plate hehe :))
    It's such a good idea.. What a way to spend a few hours.. Heaven :) xx

  3. I love chocolate and orange together so might have to give this a try!

    Victoria xx

  4. Was lovely to have met you too! Make sure you come to the next one... Perhaps we could plan it together next time if you fancy helping out : )
    We need a new theme for the next one... Any ideas!? xx

  5. I'm so glad you all had a great time.

  6. Cool! I am hoping for a Moonsized piece of cake about 7am tomorrow morning! Thanks so much for the good wishes,

    Sarah x