Thursday, 16 June 2011


My poor little man is ill today. He has tonsillitis :( So we have spent the day watching Harry Potter films. I do love the films, and so wish it was all real! Just me??

Yesterday Jess and I made some Oreo cupcakes for a friends Phoenix card party launch.
I also received my prize from Mary Poppins giveaway :) The tea bags smell amazing, can't wait to try them.


  1. Mmm they look so good :)
    Well done again on the win.. I bet you try the earl grey first hehe
    Hope Josh feels better soon bless him :) xx

  2. Sarah, tell the truth, how many people would you do the levicorpus spell on?

  3. Congrats on your win!
    The cakes look really yummy!

    B xxx

  4. Those cupcakes look super yummy! x

  5. I love cupcakes! They look so yummy!

  6. Scrummy looking cakes :) Enjoy the party and look out for cards by a Helen Smith - she's a friend of mine ;)

  7. Hiya
    I just wish to say thank you so much for taking the time to send me a birthday swap gift and card.
    I think it was an a fantastic idea and it is lovely seeing the postman turn up with lovely goodies to open!
    I had a lovely day, and am off to Glastonbury next week so plan to continue celebrating there!

    Thank you
    Em xx

  8. Hi Sarah, Thank you for my lovely birthday swap card and gift. I had a great birthday with lots of presents, cake and even went to butterfly world! Will be blogging about it soon.

    Thanks again!

    Love the cakes you made btw, they look delicious and congrats on the Mary Poppins prize! :) x

  9. I MUST MUST MUST make some oreo cupcakes!

    Victoria xx

  10. Love the potter films too! I get lost in them lol. Thanks for popping over to say hi, looking forward to our swap :)