Tuesday, 16 August 2011

When life throws blackberries at you....

....make jam!

While on a walk with the children I managed to pick enough early blackberries to make nearly a pot of jam.

Very nice on a slice of toast :)


  1. I am collecting blackberries each week and freezing them till I've enough for jam - think another couple of weeks and it will be worth getting the jam making stuff out!! Its the most popular flavour in this household so I need to have 4 or 5 jars to satisfy their cravings for it!

  2. Looks lovely funks.. i love blackberries :) so yummy on toast or freshly home made bread with butter nom nom xx

  3. Ooooh blackberry jam is my favourite!

    Victoria xx

  4. I have a good blackberry collection in my freezer already - love them added to apple crumbles in the winter!

  5. Yummy! My favourite jam at the moment. I like Vintage Vicki's idea about picking them and freezing until enough have been collected. I may just copy that idea. Cx