Monday, 14 May 2012

Poorly and a parcel

Well I went into hospital on Thursday to have my 3 cysts removed. They where unable to as I have severe endometriosis and require major surgery :(

I've been laying on the sofa unable to sit up since Thursday feeling very sorry for myself. I still had surgery on Friday having the lining of my womb removed to try keep the endometriosis at a minimum.

On Friday my swap parcel arrived from the lovely Pen. I have really enjoyed getting to know you :) also thank you to bekkie for organising the swap.

Would you like to see what I got? I love everything, feel very spoilt. The timing of the parcel could not have been better, cheered me up no end :)


  1. Oh you poor thing - I had lots of 'womans problems' last year and had an ablation in Jan - it was the best thing ever and I feel so much better. I hope yours (assume you've had the same) works too and you're able to get the cysts dealt with very soon.

    Fab swap parcel - I have that teatowel :)

  2. Hope you are feeling a little better and that you soon get things sorted. At least your lovely parcel helped lift your spirits a bit. What lovely treats. Swaps are such good fun.

  3. Get better soon hun, glad the parcel cheered you up! xxxx

  4. Sorry to hear you're going to have to have surgery, hope all goes well.

    Victoria xx

  5. Sorry i missed yet another of your blogs funky.. what a lovely parcel of goodies. xx

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