Saturday, 21 January 2012

And breath....

This blog post is going to be a hard one to write, but I also think its long over due.

In June of last year I was struck down with Depression and Anxiety. I was having regular panic attacks and spending most of the day in bed.

I have now turned a corner and I able to drive within my village and do a little shopping in the local supermarket without having a panic attack.

I want to let you know that although I have not been posting I have been reading your blogs everyday, and even on my darkest days they have made me smile.

Ive still got a long road, but I am on the up with the help of medication and CBT.

Well that's enough of that onto the exciting bit....

While I was unwell a friend and I came up with the idea to start sewing.  Well this evolved very quickly into a business idea.  We set up a FB page and a Folksy shop.  We find the sewing, drinking tea and eating cake very therapeutic.

We have had lots of orders and things are going really well. We have even been contacted by a few shops about providing stock :)
Why not take a look, maybe like our FB page and let me know what you think xx