Saturday, 31 July 2010

Stress upon stress

On Tuesday Night a neighbour knocked and pointed out that our roof was not looking good. We had a look, what we saw was shocking.

4 paving slabs had slipped and were hanging on by a inch! We contacted the police as its was a hazzard, but they did not want to know. They just told me I needed a very long ladder and a builder. So we blocked the area with bins and cones. So fingers crossed nobody would walk under it. The house opens straight onto the path and is a town house so very high, not good. The next day hubby contacted the NHBC as the house is only 7 years old and should be covered. They could not come out until the 17th Aug to access. So next door contacted Wimpy the company that built the house. They could not have been more fantastic. Within less than a day they had put up a tower and re-attached the slabs. They are now bolted on and fingers crossed will not slip again. Maybe time to put the house up for sale????


  1. WOW Scary stuff!!! I tell ya sometimes its really Daunting being a homeowner...feel like you are a bit deserted!
    Glad its all fixed!!
    Enjoy your weekend x
    Annie x

  2. eeekkk that must have shocked you - glad it is all sorted now and you don't have to sit waiting for a crashing sound.