Thursday, 15 July 2010

Time goes by....

Ive been so busy working 55 hour weeks ive not even been on the internet for 2 weeks! Ive been checking emails on my phone and tweeting, but have not had time to blog :( Im looking forward to the 23rd July at 1pm when I finish for the 6 weeks holidays.

Ive put some photos of what ive been upto.

Eating lots of fruit from the allotment.
Cath Kidston orders arriving :)
Picnics with the children
Bathing Hercules
Warning if you see these they are moreish and yummy!
Baking bread with the children I mind
Bumper harvests from the allotment.

Normal blogging service will be back after the 23rd please all bare with me xx


  1. Wow, your life sounds a little hectic to say the least, those are long days you are doing. Roll on the holidays!
    Kandi x

  2. Please do not worry - these last few weeks of term are really hectic for all of us.
    Love your towels - we have these too (so am biased towards them!!)
    Kerry xxxx

  3. Oh what a busy time you are having, roll on the holidays.
    Looking forward to having you back.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. Geez you are busy! We're already two weeks in to the hols but the weather's pants!!

  5. :-( Hope life calms down a bit for you soon. Lovely things you have been up to though.

  6. I've seen those peanut puffs in the supermarket and managed to avoid succumbing so far!

    Victoria x