Sunday, 10 April 2011

Notting Hill

I spent a lovely sunny day yesterday taking the train down to London and having a potter around Notting Hill and Portobello Road. Ive not been before and loved it! Streets lined with grand white houses, avenues of pink blossom trees. People stopping and saying hello. Cafes on every street corner, the smells of food being cooked on market stalls. Vintage treasures being admired and sold. Then we came to the shop we had travelled all the way from Cambridge to see.........Hummingbird Bakery!

I could not believe it such a pretty shop all pink and brown, I was here :)) We lined up not knowing what we wanted, quickly decided it had to be a mix of 6 cupcakes. Much to hubbies disgust i did not let him have one until we got home and I could take photos before diving in!  Do you want to see?

My favorite was the red velvet.....Divine.


  1. WoW!! what a lovely blog funky :) I felt as though i was there with you as you described wondering along Notting Hill & Portobello Road.
    Those cupcakes look gorgeous too..wouldnt mind having one or two of those.. boxes i mean hehe xx

  2. Ooh they look divine! You will have to attempt some yourself now have you got their recipe book, it's on offer at the Book Club at the minute.
    Kandi x

  3. Was there a queue? There's always a long queue!!!
    I have the book ...the photos are lovely, as are the recipes!

  4. I love red velvet cupcakes. They are very easy to make:

  5. Snap I was there on Friday !!... Loved it I've posted some pictures on my blog. Cupcakes look scrummy!. Tx

  6. Yummy looking cakes! I love going to Portobello market...

    it is a cushion in the picture!

    Lou xxx

  7. Everyone seems to be taking trips to Notting Hill at the moment!

    Red Velvet is my favourite too!

    Victoria xx