Saturday, 2 April 2011

March Photo Scavenger Hunt

A Lion - This is the Lion Yard shopping centre in Cambridge

A Rainbow - no real ones this month, so a rainbow in paint colour form!
Something Green - My new cushions.
An empty chair - This is a chair from my dinning room

Something sentimental - A photo of my daughter minutes after she was born
Peeling paint and a Shadow - This is my front door and the shadow is of my phone!
A collection - My Doctor Who DVDs
A ring - This is my wedding ring
A fancy gate - This belongs to the Wildlife Trust which is based in my village.
Something as old as you - My lovely husband!
A lamb - Sorry!

I had such fun this month finding all the things on the list. Thank you to Postcards form the PP for posting the lists.


  1. Great photos .... I toyed with the idea of a plate of lamb roast dinner, but settled for the cuddly toy.

  2. Haha - I nearly took (1) the Lion @ Lion Yard and (2) a leg of lamb for my pics - great minds and all that :)

  3. I love your rainbow, very original! And as for the lamb, well someone had to do it.

  4. I have loved seeing people's rainbows. Because no-one has seen a real one there have been so many inspired ideas!
    Good luck for April.
    Lisa x

  5. Great photos! Love your take on the lamb! ;o)

    Victoria xx

  6. I love seeing what everyone comes up with, all of them look fab!

    Lou xxx