Thursday, 31 March 2011


Well what a fantastic time i've had :) I was very spoilt by all my family, friends and the ladies taking part in the birthday swap. I've visited all the blogs and left a little thank you with all the ladies who sent me presents x
I loved everything you all sent thank you so much ladies :) xx
I also got lots of lovely things from family and friends. 
I also got a Smeg dishwasher! I have not had one before, no idea why as I'm loving it :)

On my birthday my husband and I did a fudge making workshop at the Fudge Kitchen. I've got loads of photos, so will post them in another post and tell you all about what we got up to!

We went for a meal at The Rupert Brooke

Thank you again everyone who spoilt me :))

Just as I was about to publish the post, postie knocked at the door with 3 more parcels!
Thank you ladies, I love it all :) I'm now off to visit your blogs to leave a little thank you xx


  1. Glad you liked your pressies, sorry they were late! Fudge making course sounds wonderful would love to give it a go.
    Happy Birthday.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. Glad you liked all your parcels! Can't wait until it's my turn, I love receiving post! The fudge workshop sounds great, looking forward to seeing the pictures! :) x

  3. Lovely pressies Sarah - glad you had a good birthday xx

  4. Wow! What a lucky girl you are :)) you've got so many lovely things.. And is that the new hummingbird cake book I see? Hehe
    Look at that gorgeous steak too mmmm
    I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday funks.. Don't forget to send me an extra large piece of fudge :p xx

  5. Lots of lovelies :) This birthday swap is great isn't it :)

    Sounds like you had a great day - fudge making sounds fun - bet you tasted loads.

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous birthday!

    Victoria x