Sunday, 13 March 2011

Centre parcs

A couple of weekends ago we went to Centre Parcs for a long weekend. My parents came along too, it was so relaxing. The best part was the wildlife, so much of it!
These fellows knocked on the door every morning for some food!
Then the open fire, it was so nice to have one and made me realise i need a house with a open fire!
We are already looking to go back :)


  1. Centre Parcs is lovely, we went a few years ago, there's so much to do :) x

  2. Did the squirrels come in to roast their nuts on the open fire? hehe x

  3. One of my favourite places. We go ever year for a winter holiday and it's always over far too soon. Ditto the open fire too!

  4. lovely, and the open fire is gorgeous

  5. Ive not been to Centr Parcs for ages - I love it because of the wildlife (and the fires). Stick with the WI for a bit. At almost 52, I am the next to the youngest in mine, and I do find the meetings a bit tedious, but I use this time to get to know the ladies. Its the alternative things that they organise that are more interesting. At first, everything was during the day as most of them don't work, but since a few of us "young 'ens" have joined, they have organised things during times when we can attend too. xxxx