Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bake along!

While chatting to my friend Andrew over at That's Champion we came up with the idea of a bake along!

Whats a bake along? well we picked a recipe, set a date and time. Web cams at the ready we baked. It was so much fun, you should all give it a try. You could do any kind of craft along!

Chocolate marble cake :)


  1. Thanks funks..i really enjoyed it :)
    Looking forward to many more in the future xx

  2. Oo! that looks a bit yummy, not sure I would want anyone to see me craft or bake though....too messy by half!

  3. No one should ever see the mess I create when I bake!!

    Victoria xx

  4. Sounds fun and the cake looks scrummy :)

  5. A great idea and the cake looks so yummy! :) x