Thursday, 22 March 2012

All change!

We are moving house tomorrow, I'm having a little sit down before it's all go again!

We are without Internet from today for a month. It's going to be hard not having my daily blog reading fix!

Until next time xx


  1. Good luck with your move and I hope you are back online very soon :)

  2. Happy New Home!! Your house looks the same as my house, hope everything runs smoothly for you, Lucey xx

  3. Good luck with the move!

    Victoria xx

  4. Can't believe i've missed your blog :( I know how happy you are in your new home though.. Can't wait to see it :) xx

  5. Hi Sarah, we've been paired up for Laa Laa's God Save the Queen swap. I couldn't see an email link for you, my email is in my profile, drop me an email when you're back on line and we can exchange details.

    Hope the house move went smoothly.

    Elinor :)