Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul

Recently Makeup Revolution had a offer that if you ordered over £30 of items you got £30 worth free. I had been wanting to try their new palettes for a while, this seemed like a good time to order them.

I placed my order and it automatically added the £30 of products when you hit over £30.

I ordered this 

And got this free

The order arrived within a few days of ordering, however it arrived in a bag I think a box would have been better. Luckily nothing was damaged as massive amounts of bubble wrap had been used

I'd been looking at the Ultra Base Corrector Palette for sometime. For the past few months I've started suffering with vitiligo you would be shocked at the speed in which it has taken over my body. The palette come with a shade to help combat lots of problems.

On the top row:-

Pink to brighten 
Lavender to neutralise yellow tones
Green to neutralise red tones
Orange to neutralise blue tones 

And on the bottom row:-

Peach helps balance out slight discolouration 
White to add natural highlight and brightens
Cream neutralises purple and covers dark areas
Balances ashiness in medium and dark skin tones

The palette is very creamy and very blendable, it can see it becoming a favourite of mine.

Next up is the Ultra Contour Palette

I'm very new to the idea of Highlight and Contour, after watching many YouTube videos and a little help from my daughter I have come around to the idea.  I'm looking forward to having a play around with this palette in the coming weeks.

I had to pop the Death By Chocolate Palette into my basket

 The colours have names such as, one more bar, tear the wrapper, lick me and Break me up.  I don't know if it's all in my head, but it also seems to have a chocolate smell that hits you as you open it.

I then popped the Matte Effect foundation, Focus and Fix concealer and Focus and Fix eye primer into my basket. My order was now £31 so the £30 of products appeared in my basket.

This is what I received for free

Makeup Geek palette

Lip geek lipstick - Dream about Sucess
Lip geek lipstick - Never be a Millionaire 
Lip geek lipstick - Smile is the Best Makeup
Wow Gloss - you go girl
Ultra Velour lip cream - Not one for Playing Games This gloss smells like Butterscotch angel delight!
Pure Pigment - Etiquette
The One Blush Stick - Malibu

Did any of you take advantage of the offer? What did you order? 

Until next time xxx


  1. Damn I'm gutted I missed this offer there's so much I want to try from Make Up Revolution

    Victoria x

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