Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lemon Cake

Jess making the lemon cake :) She did everything.

Finished cake, It was so light and yummy. hubby and I had a slice last night and ive gone down this morning to find half the cake gone!! Me thinks hubby went back for more :)
you can find the bits you need here and the recipe here
Thank you to Debbie at Country Heart and Home for sharing :)


  1. I love how easy this cake is to make :) Thanks for taking part and we had the same problem - the cake was gone in 1 day!!

  2. Hi Sarah
    Your name came out of the jug (!) in my Pay it Forward lucky dip :-)
    Send me a comment with your email address, or postal address. I won't publish the comment so your details will be private ;-)
    Happy Days to you,
    Denise x