Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My Addiction

OK i admit it! After many years in denial I admit i have a cookery book addiction. I just cant help it, they are so pretty. Its like they call to me buy me Sarah buy me.
This is some of my collection, Ive not counted them!! I have more on a shelf in the spare
I did give to charity a bag full of baby cooking books that i will not need anymore the other day, only to find myself buying this book to fill some for the space!These are some of my favorites i use all the time.
Humming Bird Bakery, such a lovely book. I'm going to visit a shop one day with hubby :)
Rachel Allen Bake, a good mix of baking and savory dishesCook with Jamie, I'm so lucky that I have all of Jamies books and they are all signed. My dad and I go to the Good Food shows and que up to meet him :)So am I alone? Does anyone else have a cook book addiction?


  1. I am like you, I have a massive cookbook addiction! My favourites are Rachel Allen and any type of cupcake or homebaking book. The hummingbird bakery book is amazing. My other favourites are, A piece of cake by leila lindholm. Gorgeous book, beautiful piccies and lovely bakes. Cupcakes from the primrose bakery is a great book, and I like Tana Ramsays books. Faye Ripley's Faye's Family Food is good for families and I just got Mary Berrys Home Baking book which is good. Tessa Kiros does beautiful books too, Apples for Jam is lovely, Venezia is gorgeous, mainly for the beautiful pics of venice in them, and Falling Cloudberries, which I fell in love with the title! he he! I can spend a whole day going through them and being inspired, trouble is, so little time, to bake such beauties! Have a great day! xxx

  2. Your not alone! I'm in my early 20's and people think i'm crazy because i'm such a house wife and my cook books are a big part of that! lol
    I love all sorts of cook books, espcially old cake books that i pick up in second hand stores! :)

  3. Thank you ladies im so pleased im not alone, i was a little worried ;)

    Ive looked at the Primrose bakery book, i think i might vist my local Library.

    I'll be posting about my other addiction soon!!

  4. Nope..Not alone at all!...I did a similar blog post not so long ago...

    I have masses of books and I use them ALL...I tried to make the shelves less busy..but I do genuinely use each one for something : )