Monday, 3 May 2010

Birthday weekend.

Saturday was my sons birthday, he turned 8!

I have no idea were the last 8 years have gone. He had a day packed with seeing grandparents and his party. We went to SpyMasters, I could not fault them they did a fantastic job :)

For birthday breakfast we had egg on toast with hot chocolate. When josh had finished his hot choc he saw this. How perfect for the birthday boy :)

Cake was eaten

Last night we went out for a meal and the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to Josh which made him smile.


  1. Happy birthday Josh!! Lovely cake!!

  2. Ah, Happy birthday Josh! I'm glad he had a lovely day. I agree, the cake looks lovely! I love Maltesers. Yum! xxx

  3. Looks like your son had a fantastic day! Yummy scrummy food! You don't know where the time goes do you, they get so grown up so fast! Have a lovely day! xxx