Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A dress!!!!

Ive done it I have ordered a dress. I have not brought a dress in over 10 years!!

For thoses of you that dont know I am on slimming World and have lost 1 stone 4lb over the last 14 weeks. Im hoping to loose another 3 stone eekkk. As a result Ive been looking at clothing I would not normal buy.

What do you think ladies? The dress can be found here :) Its going to be perfect for our holiday to Spain, I can not wait!


  1. It's a lovely dress - I spotted that in Joules. Just the thing for a holiday.
    Well done on the weight loss, too!

  2. well done on the weightloss, and lovely dress xx

  3. It's a bonny dress and you'll look fab floating about in Spain in it!
    R.E Jamie mag, all I can say is if it wasn't a gift I probably wouldn't buy it, for four squids there's not many recipes in it. The yearly one of it is good though and I do love Jamie! x