Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ice Cream and Crochet

We spent the weekend at the caravan with my mum and dad. Poor hubby had to work :(

We found a fantastic ice cream bar on our walk.

Would have been rude not to have stopped ;)

While we were sitting outside my mum attempted to teach me how to crochet. Something I did not know she could do!! I managed my 1st square to be told that it was not good enough and she unpicked it :( Im guessing it was tough love lol!! I then managed to do 2 more. Im home now and going to attempt to try without having mum on hand!!


  1. Just seen your comment on my blog - which site were you at? We often camp at Scratby Hall site.

    Well done on the crochet - you'll have a granny blanket in no time.

  2. Great squares! Well done. Email me if you need any help. xx

  3. VintageVicki - Mum and dad have a caravan on Green Farm xx

    Lynda - Im attempting one now and its not going so good, ive unpicked it 3 times lol. Im going to pop you an email tomorrow xx

  4. Don't give up on the crochet, it takes time trust me, lol.
    I found a great site online where you can watch someone crocheting and I just watched it over & over again untill I got the hang of it.
    Ice creams look yummy by the way.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. Good luck with the crochet - try You tube tutorials if you get stuck wehn your mum isn't about - they have got me out of several tangles!

  6. Have a look at Lucy's side bar tutorials on her blog Attic 24. They are the best I've ever seen.

  7. My mum was taught to knit by her granny who would smack her hands with the needles if she dropped a stitch, seems a bit harsh! Luckily my mum didn't do that with me when I was wee.
    Good luck with the crochet!!
    Ali x