Monday, 22 November 2010

Whats making me smile this week

Lego creations dotted around the house.
Chilli plant still giving me chillies after 3 years!
Orchid keeps producing such pretty flowers.
My Doctor Who Collection!
Flowers given to me by hubby because he loves me :)
A photo of Hercules sticking his tongue out


  1. what lovely pictures funks..i used to love lego as a boy..and you can always rely on herc to be the star of the show hehe :) xx

  2. Isn't Hercules gorgeous, and look at his little tongue, Lucey xx

  3. Ohhh. Hercules is so cute! That orchid is gorgeous. I wish i had the patience for such a flower.

    Cheryl My Own Snug Fireside

  4. Great pics. Particularly love the one of Hercules x

  5. Hello Sarah

    Im having a little wander in Blogland this evening, Im really happy I came along to yours as that picture of Hercules sticking his tongue out has rendered me helpless with the giggles!! I cant stop looking at it!!

    Im also your newest follower, and will definatly visit you again.

    Sending love, thank you for stopping by my blog too!
    Julia x x x

  6. Oh how cute is the bunny photo !!!
    I love lego and can't wait to play with mountains of it when the children arrive :-)
    Thank you for your lovely comment, have a good week,
    Denise x