Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Today we were dropped off in Cambridge for 3 hours to shop.

Josh had his feet measured and had gone up 2 sizes. Does anyone else feel so gulity when this happens??!!

Jess was in heaven in Primark, she loves that you can get a whole bag of goodies for £20

I loved the displays in John Lewis, so pretty. I want it all!!

We were then taken to the park near were hubby works for a picnic. The children enjoyed playing and feeding the ducks!


  1. I know what you mean about the shoes. I can see some very lovely goodies in your pictures.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Oh yes you are not alone with the shoes! I love your pics...looks like you had a great time....did you come out of John Lewis empty handed?!!!!!! Have a great rest of a day! xxx

  3. Hi, thank you for your comments on my blog! I only just realised that I had been rude and not been back to visit!
    I love John Lewis it's my favourite shop (oh and Selfridges!)

  4. I think its the prettyness of it all that attracts us to it,and of course it certainly pretties up our kitchens!! Lucey xx

  5. Lucky you - I love shopping in Cambridge. Bit of a trek for us though so it doesn't happen often!

  6. My jess is also a Primark fiend, I think given the chance she would spend all day in there lol.

    Beki xxx

  7. Sorry, I thought I left a comment yesterday! It all looks so lovely. I'll have to organise a trip to John Lewis for some eye candy. xx

  8. Have you been in CallyCo the new Haberdashery shop? It's fab you must go there..x

  9. Thank you for all the lovely comments ladies.

    I did buy something from John Lewis, but it was Joshuas shoes. I was very good, could have spent so much :)

    I too love Selfridges, not been for a few years. I feel a trip to Oxford street coming on!

    Ive heard about CallyCo must find out were it is, I think its in Peas Hill if i remember correct?

    Thank you Guys xx

  10. ooo they are pretty displays!

  11. John Lewis is always full of gorgeousness!! Love your blog!!

  12. Hello Sarah, yes it's Peas Hill.
    Have fun ..x