Monday, 19 April 2010

Spring has sprung!!

Its flowering 3 weeks later than normal but its flowering :)

Chilli plant ive managed to keep alive 2 years running, bursting into life.

Allotment grown Tulips.


  1. Pretty! The chilli plants look great! Are they easy to look after?

  2. Very, I water it everyother day. We were told when we brought it from the chilli farm (as a tiny stick!) they said it would only live for a year. This is its second year and its producing more than the last time. Its a type of chilli called super chilli as it gives you 300 or more chillies in a season.

  3. Popped by to say hello! You must have green fingers!! The chilli plant looks amazing though!! Imagine picking one chilli just when you need it!! Much better than buy a pack and using one!!!

  4. I never knew chilli plants could be kept over the winter - I'll give that a try.